Our purpose.

We connect education and artificial intelligence with the purpose of helping organizations to increase performance, reducing gaps in organizational culture, skills, and behaviors of their employees.

Our immersive learning methodology.

Our immersive learning methodology integrated with machine learning, implemented by our technological platform, involves, excites and motivates users to effectively improve their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors overcoming challenges and achieving better results.

The most effective immersion integrates storytelling with gamification, simulating the concrete reality in the virtual environment.

It represents operations, situations, and processes authentically and practically, challenging employees to make decisions that will require an aptitude in their organizational culture, skills, and behaviors.

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Sábios' Differentials

Artificial intelligence

Make decisions more accurately by machine learning and achieve the fastest way to reduce users' gaps.

Attribution of Meaning

Promote the immersion of people in situations that simulate the treated subject and/or everyday situations, ensuring the attribution of meaning.

Scalability & Responsiveness

Share your experiences anytime, anywhere, and on any device (VR, desktop, tablet, smartphone, weCog, and immersive room) instantly.

Performance & Engagement

Make the learner the protagonist of the learning process, encouraging him to make decisions in experiences that stimulate his reality.

Immediate Feedback

Create gamified learning experiences to engage people and reiterate knowledge sharing through quick feedback.


Gain efficiency with no deployment-efforts and simple authoring, management, and navigability processes.


Create immersive experiences and browse them easily and intuitively.


Choose ideal innovative solutions for your challenge and earn gains paying only when used.

Regular Updates

Use a solution that is continuously improved.

Machine Learning optimizes and enhances learning.

It is not just about making learning engaging and effective. Sábios identifies, adapts, and recommends what each user needs to develop to enhance their performance.

Each decision making that composes the immersive experience challenges is related to a taxonomy of data that represents a set of performance indicators. Other data from IoT systems can compose the taxonomy.

The taxonomy is associated with different weights according to the level of importance and difficulty. All of these variables are processed by machine learning algorithms, which extract the values ​​of the performance indicators, resulting in gaps.

The artificial intelligence adapts and recommends learning trails and/or new immersive experiences according to the gaps of each user, to eliminate them in favor of increased performance.

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Increasement performance in the use of equipment and instruments by operators to reduce possible failures in unexpected situations.


300,000 workers trained in occupational health and safety at onshore and offshore operational units, resulting in a reduction of around 20% in accidents at work.


Worker safety culture improved by immersion in virtual situations that simulate the reality of work routine.


Innovate with Sábios and get performance for your organization.

US$5 per access* per user. Customization of immersive experiences and IoT integrations budgeted on demand.

  • Unlimited access to immersive experiences.
  • Detailed dashboards of the immersion performance in the experiences.
  • Gaps indicators in organizational culture, skills, and behaviors of users.
  • Responsive immersion in different devices (mobile, weCog and PC).
  • Use of different gamification dynamics.
  • Application of VR and AR technologies for more enganging immersions.
  • Recommendation for adapted learning trails to eliminate gaps.

* Access to Sábios is billed monthly according to singular usage. The number of different users who accessed at least once in a month, it will be counted (if one user accesses more than once in a month, one only access will be counted.)

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